Current issues

Youth centres

The APTS represents the overwhelming majority of workers providing youth services. For years, spokespersons for these 10,000 employees have been denouncing their work overload and the poor management practices that make it extraordinarily difficult for them to carry out their mission. In May 2020, the APTS spoke out on behalf of youth workers before the special commission on the rights of children and youth protection.

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Pay inequity

In the Québec public sector, does everyone get equal pay? A study from IRIS (Institut de recherche et d’informations socio-économiques) provides conclusive evidence that this is not the case. If the public sector is viewed as an extended family, public services – which include the civil service, education, and health and social services – are definitely the poor cousin, as becomes apparent when we compare the sector’s various branches.

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Provincial contract talks

Contract talks to renew your provincial collective agreement are at the heart of what we do. Follow developments on the NEGOAPTS.COM website. 

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BlueAPTS reflects the vibrant humanity of the 60,000 APTS professionals and technicians working in health and social services. Our online magazine is a great way to discover our members’ reality.

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