The APTS is a labour union representing 60,000 professionals and technicians working in the vast majority of public health and social services institutions across Québec.

Our union brings together expertise that is both extensive and varied: APTS members, 86% of whom are women, hold over one hundred different job titles. The APTS is the only union exclusively representing professionals and technicians in Québec’s public health and social services system, and it is the union representing the great majority of people in this group.

APTS members work in facilities with a variety of missions: hospitals, CLSCs, CHSLDs, youth centres, and rehabilitation centres for people with physical needs, intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorder, or addiction issues. In relation to the health and social services system, this means the APTS is in a position to see both the forest and the trees.


APTS national spokesperson

Andrée Poirier, president

Andrée Poirier was elected president of the APTS in November 2019. As secretary to the provincial executive committee throughout the previous year, she played a significant political role with teams responsible for union organizing, provincial decision-making bodies, and the APTS constitution and by-laws. She contributed to the work of the consultation committee on youth centres, and in May 2020, she defended the APTS brief before Québec’s special commission on the rights of children and youth protection.

Andrée Poirier is a social worker who spent over twenty years working in psychiatry at the Centre hospitalier Pierre-Janet in the Outaouais region.

Social causes and fighting for women’s rights have always been at the heart of her concerns, and for close to a decade, she has been speaking out publicly to call for union solidarity and demand social justice.


Media relations

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The APTS in the news

The APTS publicly defends its members’ interests and fights to ensure that Quebecers receive high-quality, accessible, and publicly-run services.