A significant APTS victory | exercising your right to strike should have no impact on your seniority

June 23, 2022

Four days of strike action took place last summer as part of bargaining talks for the renewal of your collective agreement. After that, several employers in health and social services suspended the accumulation of seniority for employees who had been involved in the strike action. This is in contradiction with applicable laws – and it’s a first, too!

The APTS wasted no time in filing grievances throughout Québec to challenge this suspension. On June 20, 2022, a first favourable decision was handed down at the MUHC: the arbitrator acknowledged that suspending seniority during a legal strike is against the law and against the collective agreement. Basing ourselves on this first victory, we’re continuing our legal action for all of the institutions concerned in order to keep on defining the legal context for professionals and technicians in health and social services. Stay tuned!