A strong union for a strong public system | Accessible, sustainable, well-funded, and designed for human beings – the APTS launches a campaign for a better public health and social services system

May 17, 2022

Québec City – Enthusiasm and determination filled the air as some 500 members of the APTS (Alliance du personnel professionnel et technique de la santé et des services sociaux) demonstrated today in front of the National Assembly to launch their union’s campaign, based on the slogan A strong union for a strong public system. The union is calling on Québec’s elected representatives, and on senior managers in health and social services facilities, to design bold policies that will provide Quebecers with high-quality, accessible and forward-looking public services. The campaign will continue for several months.

“We’re demonstrating today in front of Québec’s highest political institution because we want the voice of our 65,000 members to be heard loud and clear,” said APTS president Robert Comeau, addressing participants. “We’re demanding a health and social services system that is entirely public, that is well-funded, that will provide Quebecers with high-quality services, and – most importantly – that will give its employees the recognition and respect they deserve. Our proposals will lead to a brighter future for public system employees and for all Quebecers. To carry them out, what’s needed is a firm political commitment to social progress.”

Innovative measures that the union is urging the Québec government and others to adopt include creating a budgetary shield for the public system to ensure stable funding so that it can meet Quebecers’ needs; making psychological services and physiotherapy more accessible by extending public coverage to include them; and decentralizing the system to ensure that employees, who are deeply familiar with what happens on the ground, are closer to administrative decisions affecting how services are offered.

“We want to take care of Quebecers and our environment, and especially, we want a public system that takes care of its employees,” added APTS 2nd vice-president Émilie Charbonneau. “The time has come for big institutions like the health and social services system to adopt an actively feminist stance and truly commit to sustainable development. Our launch is the first step in a campaign that will provide a wealth of ideas for our public system. And we at the APTS will be speaking up throughout the year to promote these ideas.”


The APTS (Alliance du personnel professionnel et technique de la santé et des services sociaux) represents more than 65,000 members who play a key role in ensuring that health and social services institutions run smoothly. Our members provide a wide range of services for the population as a whole, including diagnostic, rehabilitation, nutrition, psychosocial intervention, clinical support, and prevention services.