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Youth centres

The APTS represents the overwhelming majority of workers providing youth services. For years, spokespersons for these 10,000 employees have been denouncing their work overload and the poor management practices that make it extraordinarily difficult for them to carry out their mission. In May 2020, the APTS spoke out on behalf of youth workers before the special commission on the rights of children and youth protection.

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Pay inequity

In the Québec public sector, does everyone get equal pay? A study from IRIS (Institut de recherche et d’informations socio-économiques) provides conclusive evidence that this is not the case. If the public sector is viewed as an extended family, public services – which include the civil service, education, and health and social services – are definitely the poor cousin, as becomes apparent when we compare the sector’s various branches.

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Provincial contract talks

Contract talks to renew your provincial collective agreement are at the heart of what we do. Follow developments on the NEGOAPTS.COM website. 

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BlueAPTS reflects the vibrant humanity of the 60,000 APTS professionals and technicians working in health and social services. Our online magazine is a great way to discover our members’ reality.

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Contract talks will resume for the APTS

Both Ms. LeBel and the APTS want to reach a settlement, and talks will be resuming shortly with spokespeople from the Treasury Board Secretariat.

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Reform of the Occupational Health and Safety Act | The APTS rejects Bill 59

The APTS rejects Bill 59, An Act to modernize the occupational health and safety regime, and is asking labour minister Jean Boulet to withdraw the pro…

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Labour shortage in the health system | The APTS takes part in estates-general on the future of clinical labs

The union is very pleased that this event led to a consensus on the urgent need to act in order to attract a greater number of qualified employees to…

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Youth protection assessment: another year marked by work overload

The APTS, which represents the vast majority of youth centre workers, is calling attention once again this year to the detrimental effects of insuffic…

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Mandatory vaccination | Breaks in services? The Legault government doesn’t have a plan

Minister Dubé’s intentions may be excellent. But as of October 15, thousands of vaccinated employees will be going through hell because of staff short…

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Mandatory vaccination | When the best is the enemy of the good

Vaccination of the greatest possible number of people against COVID-19 is critical to ensure that we move out of the pandemic, and the APTS continues…

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Federal election campaign | The APTS wants political parties to make clear commitments on its priorities

The federal election campaign is in full swing, and the APTS is asking political parties for clear commitments on the union’s priorities.

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Contract talks | APTS members will be presented the government’s global offer

At the APTS General Council meeting, union delegates decided to present the government’s global offer to all members in special general assemblies, wi…

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APTS pay equity complaints from 2010 are finally settled after a 10-year battle to have the government comply with the law

After a 10-year battle, we’ve finally obtained a settlement putting an end to a discriminatory situation for thousands of workers in the health and so…

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APTS calls on government to lift the public health emergency

The APTS has joined over 60 signatories of a statement by the Ligue des droits et libertés, demanding that government lift the public health emergency…

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Contract talks | APTS will submit proposed deal to its General Council

The proposed settlement does provide some gains, but it doesn’t answer the needs of the health and social services system.

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Contract talks | The APTS steps up the pressure with two more strike days

Members of the APTS are stepping up the pressure with two days of strike action on June 21 and 22. Discussions continue after an intensive negotiating…

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Contract talks | 60,000 APTS members to carry out a general strike on June 7, 8, 21 and 22

The strike will take place on June 7, 8, 21 and 22 in all of the institutions where the APTS represents employees, unless the government responds favo…

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Shortage of lab personnel with a post-secondary diploma | Lab results may not be reliable

Montréal – The APTS is deeply concerned by the lack of personnel with a post-secondary diploma in Québec laboratories.

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The APTS gets a strong mandate for strike action: CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l'île-de-Montréal

With 92.4% voting in favour, the mandate given to the APTS to take strike action for up to 10 days is unequivocal. The union’s consultation of its mem…

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The APTS gets a strong mandate for strike action: CIUSSS du Nord-de-l'île-de-Montréal

With 92.4% voting in favour, the mandate given to the APTS to take strike action for up to 10 days is unequivocal. The union’s consultation of its mem…

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The APTS gets a strong mandate for strike action: CIUSSS West-Central Montreal

With 92.4% voting in favour, the mandate given to the APTS to take strike action for up to 10 days is unequivocal. The union’s consultation of its mem…

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The APTS gets a strong mandate for strike action: CIUSSS Montréal West Island

With 92.4% voting in favour, the mandate given to the APTS to take strike action for up to 10 days is unequivocal. The union’s consultation of its mem…

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The Laurent Commission | The APTS calls on Legault to act without delay to support children and families

The final report of the special commission on children’s rights and youth protection, chaired by Régine Laurent, is welcomed with great satisfaction b…

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Paid a woman's wage ad campaign

A profession is just as valuable as a trade. But for François Legault’s government, the male category will always outweigh the female. Every day, we’r…

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COVID-19 | Québec must recognize the value of the work carried out by lab personnel

Montréal – The APTS (Alliance du personnel professionnel et technique de la santé et des services sociaux) is calling on the government to provide imm…

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Documentary on Québec’s youth protection system | The other side of the coin

The documentary series Au cœur de la DPJ, dealing with Québec’s youth protection system, is coming to an end tonight on the RDI channel. The APTS woul…

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The APTS offers its cooperation to Québec’s new provincial youth protection director

The APTS welcomes Minister Lionel Carmant’s decision to appoint a provincial director of youth protection, and looks forward to cooperating with Ms. C…

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Brutal rent increase in residential facilities | "Penalizing vulnerable people – how is that a good strategy?”

Montréal  – The APTS does not understand how the health and social services minister, Lionel Carmant, can have approved rent increases amounting to hu…

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Private sector contracts for medical imaging | The Legault government is hypocritical

Montréal – The APTS was shocked to learn from the media that the Legault government is once again turning to the private sector, this time to cope wit…

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Death of youth protection workers | The APTS has no words to describe the grief

Montréal – The APTS expresses its support for youth protection workers across Québec following the death, last week, of two youth protection workers e…

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Pandemic shows that privatizing mental health services has been a failure

Montréal – The APTS has sent the health and social services minister, Lionel Carmant, an advisory opinion in the context of consultations about the ne…

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Aerosols | Minister Dubé’s inconsistency continues to jeopardize workers’ health

Montréal – Directives from Québec’s health and social services ministry (MSSS) are being roundly condemned by unions representing employees in the hea…

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Investments in the Douglas Institute: all funds earmarked for buildings made of concrete, none for personnel

Montréal – While the investments announced by the MSSS for the Douglas Mental Health University Institute were favorably received by Danielle McCann,…

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A knife in the back for public sector psychologists

“Basically, Minister Carmant has just stabbed public sector psychologists in the back. At a time when the public sector is finding it extremely diffic…

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APTS initiates mediation to obtain a negotiated settlement

With government negotiators showing little willingness to tackle key issues surrounding work overload and attraction/retention measures for its 60,000…

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Dangerous increase in wage gap between APTS members and Québec employees as a whole

Longueuil – Figures published today by the ISQ (Institut de la statistique du Québec) leave no room for ambiguity: there is a dangerous increase in th…

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CAQ MNAs refuse to meet with spokespersons of professionals and technicians employed in the health and social services system

Members of the APTS demonstrated today in front of the riding offices of four Coalition avenir Québec MNAs in Montréal, Lanaudière, the Laurentians an…

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Mental health | APTS to Minister Carmant: sustained investment is needed to save the public system

The APTS acknowledges that Minister Carmant has again taken a step to increase mental health services. However, the union would like to know that the…

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The APTS welcomes new funding for youth mental health

The APTS welcomes Minister Carmant’s announcement that an extra $25 million will be provided to boost mental health services for young people. At the…

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The Laurent Commission - Now is the time for the Legault government to commit to implementing the commission’s guidelines

Given yesterday’s announcement by Régine Laurent that the special commission on the rights of the child and youth protection had to delay publication…

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COVID-19 | APTS responds to government action plan to tackle second wave

The APTS takes note of the action plan unveiled today by the health and social services minister, Christian Dubé. While the plan includes measures tha…

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COVID 19 | APTS denounces poor management of the pandemic at the Résidence Angelica

APTS employees joined their colleagues from the Alliance Interprofessionnelle de Montréal (AIM) in a demonstration in front of the Résidence Angelica…

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The APTS presents its brief: Children at the heart of our priorities

The APTS is presenting its proposals to improve youth protection services in hearings today with the special commission on the rights of children and…

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COVID-19 | Conference call with Minister McCann

The president of the APTS, Andrée Poirier, will be in a conference call today with the minister of health and social services, Danielle McCann, to den…

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COVID-19 | Code of silence in the health and social services system - Action is needed from Minister McCann

The APTS was not surprised to hear health and social services minister Danielle McCann once again pledge to put an end to the code of silence that pre…

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COVID-19 | APTS calls on Minister McCann to guarantee access to protective equipment  for members being sent into CHSLDs

"I don’t accept that occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists and social workers are being used as cannon fodder in nursing homes hit…

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COVID-19 | Hazard premiums during the pandemic: a first step that needs to be followed by another

Despite some inconsistencies in the choices made by Ministers Christian Dubé and Danielle McCann, the APTS can only applaud the government’s openness…

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COVID-19 | APTS sends SOS to Legault government

"16 days! 16 days that professionals and technicians have been without health equipment or protective materials, issuing SOS calls in every direction…

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COVID-19 | Will someone have to die before measures are taken to ensure the safety of our members?

"We’ve run out of patience. It's been almost 12 days since the Legault government declared a health emergency, and still nothing is being done to ensu…

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COVID-19 | The APTS-FIQ alliance will be right there to negotiate all measures

Members of the APTS-FIQ alliance have reiterated their request for an emergency meeting with the chief negotiator, lawyer Édith Lapointe, to negotiate…

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COVID-19 | The health and safety of all Québecers is the labour unions' priority

Québec City – We are here today representing nearly 500,000 public-service workers, to assure the government of our full co-operation in the face of t…

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A portrait of our members

Our union represents 60,000 technicians and professionals working in the health and social services system. In more than a hundred different job titles, our members provide a wide range of services including diagnostic, rehabilitation, psychosocial intervention, clinical support, and prevention services. Here are the three major activity sectors where you might meet them: