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12 Days of Action to End Violence Against Women - APTS

12 Days of Action to End Violence Against Women

The United Nations General Assembly has declared November 25 to be the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and a call has been made for governments and organizations to take action in order to raise public awareness of this social evil that puts women’s lives, safety, and hopes for equality at risk. The campaign in Québec will reach its peak on December 6, National Day of Remembrance and Action to End Violence Against Women, commemorating the femicides carried out at Montréal’s École Polytechnique in 1989 and the death of 14 young women.

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On strike - APTS

On strike

It’s been almost a year since contract talks began for the renewal of our collective agreement. The Québec government has adopted a hardline approach, with complete unresponsiveness to workers’ demands and unjustified attacks on our working conditions. Today, the APTS and its Front commun partners – CSN, CSQ and FTQ – have no other option but to use the most effective pressure tactic, strike action, in order to increase the pressure on the government. This strike is historic: 420,000 Front commun members are together as one, speaking with one voice. We have the power to make things change, to neutralize the government’s attacks, and to achieve significantly better working.

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Contract Talks 2023 - APTS

Contract Talks 2023

Consult this page to see how contract talks for your 2023 collective agreement are progressing. Negotiations are just getting underway, and this page will be updated regularly. You’ll find everything you need – tracts, videoclips and e-newsletters – to get an accurate picture of the national bargaining issues. The APTS is staunchly committed to improving your working conditions in this new round of bargaining so that you can take care of yourselves and your loved ones. That’s our end goal, and we won’t back down!

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A strong union for a strong public system - APTS

A strong union for a strong public system

We’re excited to begin the next stage of our political campaign on the theme A strong union for a strong public system. The APTS is calling on elected representatives and senior managers of health and social service institutions to design bold policies that will provide Quebecers with public services that are accessible, inclusive, and based on equality.




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A portrait of our members

Our union represents 65,000 technicians and professionals working in the health and social services system. In more than a hundred different job titles, our members provide a wide range of services including diagnostic, rehabilitation, psychosocial intervention, clinical support, and prevention services. Here are the three major activity sectors where you might meet them: