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Public-sector contract talks | Front commun asks for conciliation

November 20 2023

Public-sector contract talks | Front commun asks for conciliation - APTS

Montréal – As 420,000 workers employed in schools, CEGEPs, and health and social service institutions prepare for a historic strike movement throughout Québec this week, the Front commun announces that it called on the minister of Labour last Thursday to bring a conciliator to the bargaining table.

“Exceptional circumstances call for exceptional measures. Asking for a conciliator at the central table has never been done before!” said CSN first vice-president François Enault, CSQ president Éric Gingras, FTQ president Magali Picard, and APTS president Robert Comeau, speaking on behalf of the Front commun.

The Front commun stated that the request for conciliation is intended to produce real movement at the bargaining table and bring the parties closer to agreement. “From the beginning, the government has been putting on a big performance in the public space and on social media. Our members are sick and tired of PR strategies carried out at the expense of actual work at the tables – and so are we. Conciliation could be a way to get through, move on to the next stage, and reach a satisfactory settlement,” said the union leaders, who emphasized that this is a serious initiative.

While public-sector contract talks are undoubtedly highly political and public opinion has a significant impact, work needs to be carried out at the bargaining tables. Right now, whatever the government says, that is not happening.

For more information on current contract talks: frontcommun.org.