Career opportunities at the APTS

The APTS is a union representing professional and technical employees in Québec’s public health and social services system.

Its 65,000 members work in facilities throughout Québec, in the Montérégie, Estrie, Montréal, Laval, Lanaudière, Laurentides, Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Outaouais, Chaudière-Appalaches, Bas-Saint-Laurent, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Mauricie-Centre-du-Québec, Côte-Nord, Capitale-Nationale and Gaspésie regions. Our union organization consists of a Provincial Council, a team of managers, and approximately 230 people working at the APTS head office in Longueuil or at our office in Québec City.

Solidarity, democracy, equality, social justice, freedom and cooperation are the fundamental values inspiring APTS actions.



We hire labour relations counsellors and executive secretaries as well as people working in material resources, accounting, human resources and communications, in the IT department, and at the reception desk.



Joining the APTS team offers many advantages, including a stimulating work environment, a dynamic team of experienced professionals, a group insurance plan, a competitive salary, a defined benefits pension plan, a workplace that is accessible by public transport and an employee assistance program.


Unsolicited applications

If you would like to submit an unsolicited application, please send your resumé and cover letter to:

What APTS staffers do

Administrative officer - Material resources


  • Ensures the provision of office supplies, furniture and stationery, and addresses any other needs in terms of procurement for our union organization
  • Coordinates the physical set-up of APTS workspaces
  • Coordinates physical moves within the organization
  • Looks after the logistics of APTS events (such as booking meeting spaces, hotel rooms and technical support, ordering meals and snacks), and acts as liaison with outside suppliers (caterers, insurance company, etc.), as needed
  • Ensures the travel arrangements of provincial representatives and staff (plane ticket, hotel room, car rental)
  • Negotiates corporate rates with hotels
  • Keeps an updated list of building access cards and sees to their activation
  • Keeps an updated register of parking spaces and acts as liaison with accounting
  • Ensures compliance with the cell phone contract and manages the stock of cell phones
  • Acts as liaison between the APTS and the owner of the Longueuil office building
  • Checks and validates invoices from suppliers and from the owner of the Longueuil office building
  • Performs any other related task



  • Operates the telephone console
  • Transfers incoming calls and documents to the appropriate persons
  • Welcomes visitors to APTS premises
  • Receives and sends documents by fax, email and mail
  • Keeps track of employees’ absences and movements
  • On request, provides information about the APTS
  • Distributes and monitors access cards and parking permits
  • Updates and distributes telephone lists
  • Books meeting rooms on the premises and initiates conference calls and video conferences as needed
  • Provides orientation for replacement persons
  • Performs any other related task


Office clerk


  • Opens, sorts and distributes incoming mail on a daily basis
  • Takes care of sending and receiving items (mail, packages, supplies and promotional material from the virtual store), determines how items will be sent, keeps a record of items sent
  • Develops procedures for the use of various kinds of equipment
  • Occasionally helps prepare materials for decision-making bodies (general councils and conventions)
  • Archives documents prepared by the APTS labour relations department and purges files according to established rules
  • On request, helps file documents in various departments
  • Handles parcels and takes care of organizing and storing boxes of documents
  • Maintains an inventory of promotional materials and ensures their storage
  • Ensures that the reference centre is organized, up-to-date and operational
  • Supports executive secretaries by scanning documents to create digital records
  • Scans the membership cards of employees who are APTS members
  • Compares documents to identify similarities or differences
  • Prepares meeting rooms according to user needs, following the booking schedule, and makes sure the rooms are stocked with appropriate supplies of stationery and other non-technological materials
  • Prepares beverages and makes sure meeting rooms are provided with appropriate supplies, sets up the food and beverages required by participants and the equipment needed to distribute meals, and collects all supplies and equipment afterward
  • Help office staff on request
  • Performs any other related task

Intermediate accounting clerk

  • Checks the accuracy of accounting records related to payments, cash inflows, and other financial operations in the accounting system
  • Records financial transactions in the accounting system
  • Makes deposits at financial institutions
  • Processes reimbursement claims presented by employees and members
  • Follows up with institutions about errors or delays affecting union dues
  • Enters data related to revenue
  • Performs any other related task

Senior accounting clerk (payroll)

  • Inputs data related to pay
  • Tracks employees’ various banks of hours (accumulated hours, floating holidays, sick leave, family leave, etc.)
  • Prepares payroll
  • Remits payroll deductions
  • Prepares annual tax information slips
  • Verifies the accuracy of data related to job title, job status, and change of echelon
  • Verifies the accuracy of remittances related to group insurance and Retraite Québec
  • Produces annual reports for Retraite Québec
  • Records financial transactions in the accounting system
  • Performs any other related task

Senior accounting clerk


  • Works with the APTS counsellor in financial management to enable the latter to prepare periodic financial statements and analyses for various budget items and to report and track the results
  • Helps prepare the documents for the financial audit
  • Prepares the bank reconciliation
  • Tracks requests for financial assistance and ensures follow-up
  • Checks and preapproves union leave invoices from institutions, and follows up on them
  • Monitors revolving funds in order to decide on financial investments
  • Supports local executives by providing services such as:
    • calculating the amounts allocated to them and tracking the amounts paid
    • analyzing their financial statements

- Performs any other related task


Executive secretary


  • Inputs information, ensures graphic design and layout, and creates various types of documents, using application software
  • Drafts and revises administrative documents and others
  • Plans, organizes and performs various office tasks such as organizing physical and digital files, making photocopies, carrying out mass mailings, etc.
  • Processes and updates information in the members-only section of the website and the labour relations portion of the GEM database/software program (institutions, members, union leave, grievances, arbitration, agreements, remedial action/legal appeals, etc.)
  • Helps plan committee meetings and union activities (convention, general council, training, contract talks, raiding, etc.), and looks after the material organization and follow-up of these events
  • Responds to various requests for information by phone or email and transfers them, if necessary, to the appropriate persons
  • Performs any other related task

Computer technician

  • Ensures that work stations, communication systems, software and devices (such as printers) are working properly, and provides assistance to users as required
  • Provides technical support to users, either remotely or on-site
  • Identifies the causes of failures or glitches and rectifies them
  • Ensures that servers and equipment connected to the network are working properly
  • Installs and configures telecommunications systems according to users’ needs
  • Monitors all telecommunications systems, keeps them up-to-date, and makes sure they are working properly
  • Ensures that APTS personnel has ongoing access to databases and files
  • Ensures that the accounting and payroll department can access the COBA portal
  • Protects and secures IT data
  • Makes sure that multimedia equipment is working properly, and creates video montages of filmed APTS events
  • Advises her or his immediate superior on equipment purchases
  • Orders and keeps an inventory of needed equipment
  • Helps draft procedures and user manuals for software and hardware
  • Performs any other related task

Graphic designer


  • Carries out design research to create a preliminary concept for approval
  • Ensures compliance with APTS graphic standards
  • Designs and lays out graphic or visual material on various media using graphics or specialized software

-   Provides graphic design and layout for all documents for APTS sectors and departments

  • Designs visuals for promotional items and advertising
  • Provides graphic design for visuals and documents intended for the website and digital media
  • Prepares documents according to the technical requirements for production and printing
  • Solves printing problems with suppliers
  • Converts all graphic materials to the appropriate digital format
  • Ensures that graphic materials (photos, visuals, etc.) are archived

-    Performs any other related task


Audiovisual and logistics technician

  • Introduces users to audiovisual equipment and provides them with technical support
  • Participates in logistic and material planning for APTS events (decision-making bodies, elections, mobilization, etc.)
  • Contacts the appropriate authorities to ensure that our union’s legal obligations for the use of public areas are met during mobilization events
  • Ensures compliance with the voting process used by APTS decision-making bodies and ensures that the required equipment and facilities are properly set up
  • Provides technical logistical support related to events held by decision-making bodies and local bodies
  • Prepares the audiovisual equipment needed for our bargaining units’ multisite assemblies
  • Helps the computer technician when there is a failure of audiovisual equipment in order to solve problems experienced by users, either in the workplace, in decision-making bodies, or in bargaining units
  • Ensures that all audiovisual systems, and some equipment such as photocopiers and stamp affixers, are maintained and upgraded
  • Makes video recordings and takes photographs
  • Edits audiovisual documents produced by the APTS for in-house use, during events, training sessions and meetings of APTS decision-making bodies
  • Edits audio-visual productions for APTS training sessions


  • Working closely with the communications department, provides English translations of documents prepared by the APTS at the provincial level, in priority
  • Translates local provisions, and, on request, some APTS local documents
  • Carries out terminological and legal research, checks facts and bibliographical references, and consults with authors
  • On request and depending on availability, provides English translations of documents for organizations allied with the APTS
  • Coordinates the development of an efficient system for translation and linguistic revision that ensures the quality and consistency of English translations
  • Coordinates outside translation resources and revises, edits and proofreads texts produced by these resources
  • Performs any other related task


Research officer

  • Carries out documentary research on various issues of interest related to APTS sectors, with particular emphasis on health and social services
  • Analyzes available data on these issues, prepares summaries and identifies trends emerging on the socio-economic, political and professional fronts
  • Studies, analyzes and criticizes bills and other government initiatives dealing with such issues
  • On the basis of her or his analyses, works with the relevant sectors to develop recommendations about positions that the APTS might take
  • Regularly communicates the results of her or his analyses
  • Sets up and maintains a system for classifying information and analysis that makes it easy to refer to available data
  • Drafts reports, briefs and advisory opinions, and submits them to those concerned
  • Supports the communications department to follow up on public relations dossiers, in collaboration with sector and labour relations coordinators
  • Participates, on request, in research projects carried out by coalitions or partners
  • Helps prepare and carry out activities for APTS decision-making bodies
  • Helps provide training for members as needed
  • Performs any other related task

Union counsellor for communications

  • Develops and implements communications, public relations and press relations strategies
  • Develops, coordinates and creates APTS information, promotional and communications tools
  • Contributes to APTS media visibility
  • Advises elected union officers on various issues of public interest
  • Provides communications support to union counsellors for their assigned issues
  • Ensures media monitoring for issues of interest to the APTS
  • Develops the concept of the APTS public image, promotes this image, and makes sure it is protected and promoted
  • Performs any other related task

Labour relations counsellor and union counsellor for specific sectors

  • Officially represents APTS members at the local or provincial level, in meetings with employers, groups, decision-making bodies or organizations
  • Consults APTS members at the local or provincial level
  • Defends and works to promote the social and economic interests of APTS members, individually and collectively, notably by ensuring that their collective agreement and related laws are applied and enforced
  • Plays a role in the recruitment and certification of new bargaining units
  • Participates in APTS decision-making bodies at the provincial level (General Councils and conventions) and at the local level (executive committees, union councils, general assemblies)
  • In collaboration with APTS elected union officers, helps organize and develop local or provincial union life
  • Develops and facilitates training activities for APTS members
  • Prepares and negotiates various national matters, local provisions of APTS collective agreements, and agreement
  • Advises elected union officers on provincial APTS issues other than labour relations
  • Helps influence the actions and decisions of management or government decision-makers in order to promote, defend and improve the situation and social and economic interests of the APTS and its members, and to further any cause supported by the APTS
  • Coordinates one of the following specific sectors: labour relations, socio-political action, union organizing, mobilization, union education and training, local and national bargaining, pay equity and salary relativity, occupational health and safety and sustainable development, social security, feminist action
  • administrative tribunal
  • organization of work and professional issues
  • Performs any other related task


Web and social media advisor

  • Manages the website and its written content on a daily basis using a content management system
  • Drafts and revises some elements of website content
  • Works with the communications team to create and share written content on social media (Facebook, Twitter or specialized networks)
  • Carries out research and monitors the Internet for various topical issues
  • Helps make relevant content available online for target audiences
  • Analyzes needs and recommends strategies to improve and develop the website
  • Checks quality control on the website to make sure content presentation is consistent, standards are met, hyperlinks work, etc.
  • Provides technical support for internal users for questions related to the APTS website
  • Provides training for local executives regarding APTS websites
  • Performs any other related task

Counsellor in financial management

  • Helps develop and carry out the annual budget planning process
  • Oversees annual budget preparation and follow-up
  • Coordinates the process of preparing documents for the annual audit
  • Prepares various financial reports, including interim financial statements, required by management
  • Examines various budget items, reports the results and follows up on them, in collaboration with APTS accounting clerks
  • Provides managers with support in developing, monitoring and setting up budgetary control procedures for their sector or department
  • Acts as resource person and coordinator for employees involved in accounting
  • Acts as a resource person for treasurers of local executives to ensure their understanding and monitoring of the budget for each APTS local unit
  • Evaluates methods and procedures used to ensure budgetary and financial control, and suggests improvements
  • Analyzes the organization’s accounting system and suggests improvements
  • Answers specific questions from the provincial treasurer about financial monitoring
  • Helps develop answers to specific questions from labour relations counsellors and union counsellors for specific sectors, in the course of fulfilling their mandate associated with their caseload or sector
  • Performs any other related task